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Открытое внеклассное мероприятие “Halloween Party”
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ГУ средняя школа № 4
Открытое внеклассное мероприятие
“Halloween Party”

для учащихся 9 – 11 классов
Учитель: Киреева Т.С

1. познакомить учащихся с обычаями и традициями, связанными с Днём всех Святых в Америке;
2. развивать интерес к изучению английского языка, творческие способности через инсценирование, музыку, искусство
3. прививать чувство прекрасного,
выразительность, эмоциональность
1. видео материалы, диски с музыкальным сопровождением праздника, костюмы участников, реквизит для проведения конкурсов и сценок, плакаты и угощение для гостей в стиле Хэллоуина.

(Все участники на сцене и у сцены исполняют песню «Halloween”
Oh, Halloween, Halloween,
You are gay and very merry.
Oh, Halloween, Halloween,
I even loved your wretched fairy.
Small witches, goblins, pirates armed,
With paper bags, with paper bags,
All hags with their costumes hinged
On safety pins. ( На мотив песни»Килиманджаро» и расходятся по своим местам под звуки мистической музыки. Друиды остаются на сцене. (В руках у них зажжённые свечи)
Druid 1:
On the 31st of o October it is Halloween. And here we are to celebrate. Join in our circle and try not to be afraid of witches, skeletons, vampires, ghosts…
This is the night of Halloween
When all the witches might be seen
Some of them black, some of them green;
Some of them like a turkey bean
Druid 2:
Halloween is an old English holiday. It is the last night in October. People usually wear scary masks of witches and wizards, because they say ghosts and witches come out on Halloween. People sit in a circle and tell ghost stories.
On October 31st many children like to have parties. They dress up as witches, ghosts, goblins, hags, monsters, devils or anything else scary like Frankenstein, Batman, and Spiderman or other TV characters they are fond of.
Druid 3:
Boys and girls take pumpkins and bags and go along the streets, knock on the doors of the houses. They ask a traditional question “Trick or treat”. People give them a treat- an apple, some sweets, pieces of pie. If they don’t, children play a trick on them.
The Druid New Year begins on the 1st of November. Winter comes and the Lord of Dead rules. So there are many ghosts, goblins, witches, skeletons and black cats. Druids lighted huge bonfires to frighten away evil spirits. And we can see bonfires on Halloween today.
Druid 4:
Traces of the festival remain in our Halloween custom. Only today ghosts are children under sheets. The Halloweens colours, too, are orange and black. It was time when orange flames lit up the black night. It is not really a religious holiday, it’s a holiday for children.
Finally, October arrives. It’s the Halloween party. The children pick large orange pumpkins, cut the eyes, nose and mouth and put lights inside them to scare their friends. These lights are called ”Jack of the lanterns”.
A man, called Jack, was kept out of Heaven because he was stingy and expelled from Hell for playing tricks on the Devil.
Jack-o-Lanterns (поднимается со своего места с тыквой, с вырезанными глазами, носом и ртом):
Jack: I have to walk the earth forever and carrying a lantern to light my way…
Many people carve happy and funny faces. They place the pumpkins in the windows or on door steps.
Halloween, Halloween, magic night.
We are glad and very bright.
We all dance and sing and recite,
“Welcome, welcome, Halloween night.”(уходит в противоположную сторону)
Звучит музыка, на сцене появляется ученица в костюме Ведьмы:
Hey, Cacle, hey! Let’s have fun today!
All shoelaces will until, every glass of milk will spill,
Nothing wet will dry, every pencil point will break,
And everywhere in town peanut buttered bread
Will drop upside down. Hey, hey, hey, have a pleasant day!
(Убегает в противоположную сторону) На сцене появляется ученик, рассказывающий «страшную» историю , в руке держит паука, сделанного из пластика.)
Children like to tell dreadful, awful horror stories. Let’s listen to some of them. The first one is about a terrible Spider on the floor.
There’s a spider on the floor, on the floor,
There’s a spider on the floor, on the floor,
Who could ask for any more
Than a spider on the floor.
There’s a spider on the floor, on the floor.
Now the spider is on my leg, on my leg .Oh, the spider’s on my leg, on my leg.
Oh, he’s really, really big.
This old spider on my leg
There is a spider on my leg.
Now the spider on my stomach, on my stomach,
Oh, he is really, really big,
This old spider on my stomach, on my stomach.
Now the spider’s on my neck, on my neck
Oh, the spider on my neck, on my neck.
Oh, I gonna be a wreck.
I’ve got a spider on my neck.
There’s a spider on my neck, on my neck.
Now the spider on my head, on my head,
Oh, the spider’s on my head, on my head.
Oh, I wish I were dead
I’ve got a spider on my head.
There’s a spider on my head, on my head.( делает паузу, раздаётся вопль, спокойно произносит последнюю фразу)
But he jumps off.
(Выходит ученица)
Are you frighten? Then listen to some more stories.
In a dark, dark wood,
There is a dark, dark house.
In the dark, dark house,
There is a dark, dark room.
And in the dark, dark room,
There is a dark, dark cupboard.
And in the dark, dark cupboard,
There is a dark, dark shelf.
And on that dark, dark shelf,
There is a dark, dark box.
And in that dark, dark box,
There is a (делает паузу, раздаётся вопль ужаса) …(ghost).
(На сцене появляется ученица в костюме Тёмной Силы и два ученика в костюмах Бабы Яги. В руках у них палки, которыми они мешают в котелке)
Lord of Darkness:
I see two witches. They are cooking something. Look and listen.
Witches: Intery, mintery, cutery, corn.
Apple seed and briar thorn;
Wire, briar, limber lock,
Five geese in a flock,
Sit and sing by a spring,
OUT, and in again.

Lord of Darkness: “What are you doing, fair ladies?”
Witches: “We are cooking Witches’ Brew.”
Lord of darkness: Really! How interesting! Can we taste it?
Witches: Sure, if you are not afraid.
Dead leaves, seaweed, rotten eggs, too
Stir them in my witches’ brew
I got magic, ala-ka-zama-ka-zoo
Spider web, mouldy bread, mucky mud, too
Stir them in my witches’ brew
Ooh, my witches’ brew
Ooh, what’s gonna do to you? Boo!
Floorwax, thumtacks, purple paint, too

Stir them in my witches’ brew
I got magic, ala-ka-zama-ka-zoo,
Fingernails, lunch pails, apple cores, too
Stir them in my witches’ brew
Oh, my witches’ brew
Ooh, what’s it gonna do to you? Boo!
Wrinkled prunes, mushrooms, motor oil, too
Stir them in my witches’ brew
I got magic, ala-ka-zama-ka-zoo
Year, year, I got magic, ala-ka-zama-ka-zoo.
Lord of Darkness: I think we should try a little just to know what witches eat. Who wants to be first?
(Children come up and fish out something from the witches’ pot. If they guess what it is, they get the thing as a present)
Lord of darkness: Guess, what is it? It is small, green and lives in swamps. ( a frog)
(Ученик забирает игрушку, садится на место)
Lord of Darkness: Can you tell us about usual favourite food for monsters, vampires and witches?
Witch ( выходит к сцене, подходит к переносной доске, к которой прикреплён красочный плакат с рецептами): “With pleasure!”
“Dracula Cocktail”: 1 cup of blood, 3 rat’s tails, 2 spoons of bat hearts. Mix together in a bowl and drink for Halloween.
“Halloween Dessert”: 1 rat, 3 frogs, 2 cups of sugar. All fresh. Wash the animals. Serve them with sugar alive for Halloween.
“Monsters” Brew”: 6 cups of cat’s blood, 10 spider web, 10 snake eyes, 13 dirty long worms, 8 frog legs, 2 cups of oil, 2 onions. Mix together with your feet in a large pan and boil for 13 minutes. Add salt and fresh skeleton bones before serving.
Lord of darkness: We are sure you’ll scream with pleasure if you once taste these dishes. And what will you treat a witch or a ghost if he or she comes to you on Halloween?
(Выходит ученица, описывающая угощения, типичные для этого праздника: яблочный пирог, пирог с тыквой, чёрной смородиной, булочки с корицей, изюмом, кунжутом, тосты с сыром, мармеладом)
A pupil: There is a joke, that there isn’t a central heating in Great Britain, there are puddings and pies with tea. They like apple pies, pumpkin pies, pies with black current and buns with raisins cinnemon, sugar.( можно описать и продемонстрировать любые приготовленные блюда)
Lord of Darkness:
Listen, I hear some voices, who is there?
(На сцене появляется Lord of Death в сопровождении Deseas, звучит мистическая музыка )
Death: I am Death, the Queen of Darkness and I’m the leader of my partners.
Hey! You wretched creatures!
Come here, come here, my dear!
Because Halloween’s night is near, very near.
And now let me introduce this miss!
This is Deseas! She kills all human beings
Deseas: Hello, friends! I’m glad to see you here come to me and sit by near.
Death: I’m very glad to hear that, my dear! Make yourself at home.
Holidays and entertainment are near, quite near.
Oh, look! I see my brother vampire
He is my best helper, he fulfills my mere desire.
Oh, how have you spent this year, my dear brother?
Have you become happier, than your father and mother?
(На сцену выбегает ученик в костюме Вампира)
Vampire: Yes, I’ve come here and let everybody fear.
You, wretched people, look at me!
I’m the bloodiest creature, as you can see.
The blood of innocent ladies
Is the dream for me!
Hey, you! Don’t run away!
Stand there, I’ll drink some blood of yours.
And you’ll stay with me for ever.
(Vampire tries to catch someone and “drink” some blood.)( убегает в противоположную сторону)
Death: I see, you feel yourself quite at ease,
Make yourself at home, please!
Oh, I’ve noticed that strange man
Standing there. Who’s he? What’s he?
What is he doing here?
Well, that’s Jack-O-Lantern! Jacky, come to me1
And sit near. Tell your story to them, dear!
Jack-O-Lantern: ( заходит на сцену, подходит к группе, стоящей на сцене)
I’m Jack-O-Lantern, you know.
I’m wandering over the world.
I’ve been expelled from the Heaven below.
And my way is alone and dark.
But remember you, god, and you, devil
But remember you, masters, forever,
Though wretched and very insulted,
I’ll never return to you, never!
Death: Don’t be sad! Join our party!
And about your wretched fate
You’ll forget, I lay a bet!
Our party is full swing,
So, our favourite song let’s sing!
: Hey! You, young witches,
Come here, come here, my dear1How have you spent this year?
Where have you been, where?
( Звучит запись группы « Rammstein - Benzin», вбегают три ведьмы, танцуют и начинают декламировать)
1st witch: I’m the leader of my group,
And I can make a lovely hoop!
I hate all the people, sitting here
But I’m ready to bewitch them, dear!
2nd witch: Our common interest bind us together
And we can’t hear to be parted for ever.
3d witch: All of us are very merry,
We are not like sleepy fairy.
So let us dance and sing
Let them forget about everything.
All witches together:
We are , we are witches, we are, we are merry,
WE hate, we hate people
And that sleepy fairy! (заканчивают своё выступление под ту же музыку)
Death: Oh, I see, you’ve grown up!
And you are ready to bewitch
All devils and everybody!
And so you are looking forward
To see your sparkling dancing, dear ladies! ( отходят в сторону, выходит Lord of Darkness)
Lord of Darkness:
Oh, I see the Black Cat, Baba Yaga’s loveliest pet!
Tell us about yourself, my dear cat!
Sing or dance or do like something, like that!
(Девочка в костюме Чёрного Кота встаёт со своего места и вбегает на сцену)
Black Cat: I’m a cat, I’m a cat
I’m neither thin or too fat.
But I’m black, I’m black
And all people are afraid of my back.
When they see my blacky hat,
They simply scare, scare, scare. (убегает)
Death: And who’s that in an orange coats and hats?
Oh, those are pumpkins there!
They are symbols of Halloween Party
And they are so nice and hearty.
Welcome here, pumpkins dear,
Dance and sing, and brighten sparkling Halloween! ( звучит музыка , песня «В краю магнолий». Девочки в костюмах Тыквы танцуют и поют. Три девочки, исполнявшие танец Ведьм передразнивают их, поют и кривляются на заднем плане)
We are pumpkins, we are pumpkins.
We have come to Halloween.
We’ve become the symbol here
And we welcome all you in.
Magic pumpkins, magic pumpkins
Symbolizing Halloween,
We are funny, we are crazy
And today we all are in.
Orange pumpkins, orange pumpkins,
We have gathered all at once.
Orange pumpkins, orange pumpkins,
We all symbols all of us. ( Уходят, к выставке тыкв, подготовленной заранее, подходит ученик, исполняющий роль Jack-o-Lantern)
Sometimes big and sometimes small,
But always round and yellow,
When children make my famous grin,
Then I’m a scary fellow!
(Pumpkin parade) ( К нему подходит ученица, ведущая игры)
Pupil 1::
:You see how beautiful our Lanterns are. Which is the best? Now we must put them on the window to frighten the ghost, and propose another competition. Students from each team will receive a pumpkin. They must cut eyes, a mouth , a nose in the pumpkin. We’ll see who will the best, who will win and who will make the funniest face.(даёт по маленькой тыкве двум ученикам, чтобы те вырезали им нос, рот, глаза. Со сцены сбегает второй ученик)
Pupil 2:
And continue our entertainment. The most amusing attraction is waiting for you in the left-hand corner. You have to catch apple in the water with the help of a fork or teeth..
Wait a minute! You mustn’t see anything,
And try to catch the apple.
Try your luck and perhaps you’ll catch a buck.
Cheer up! Come on! (Вызванному ученику завязывают глаза, в руку дают вилку и он пытается наколоть яблоко, плавающее в воде.)
Pupil 1
Please come to me and look at this portrait of Koschey.
He has lost his Death Head, but I have found it.
If you put it on the proper place
You’ll be given a prize! ( на переносной доске прикреплён рисунок Кощея , нужно с завязанными глазами приставить рисунок черепа к руке Кощея)
Pupil 2:
I want to propose shoering chairs. Come up to the chair and shoe it with closed eyes.
Do your best and you won’t be a pest! (Вызванному ученику вручают пару детских пинеток и он надевает их на ножки стула. Глаза ученика завязаны)
(Звучит мистическая музыка, на сцену выходит ученик в костюме Вампира:
Oh, it’s really scary! Blood freezes in my veins and my hair stand up on end. Have you got sweets, pies, apples, cookies? Get them ready!
Trick or treat, trick or treat
Give us something good to eat
Give us candies, give us cake,
Give us something sweet to take.
Give us cookies, fruit and gum
Harry up and give us some.
You had better do it quick
Or we’ll surely play a trick
Attention, please! Meet the group “Black Devils”! ( выступление вокально-инструментальной группы.)
(На сцену выходят двое учеников, девочка и мальчик)
A boy:
Наш Хэллоуин к концу подходит,
Рассвет уж скоро на дворе.
С рассветом нечисть вся уходит
И нет ей места на земле!
A girl
It’s so gay here and there is much light that comes from your smiles and from our lanterns. Look! The night is over, the ghosts and witches are running awat. We had a lot of fun! And now we’ll say Good-bye till the next Halloween.
A boy:
We did our best to make people furious,
We teased them, we beat them and made curious.
They became really crazy,
And at our Halloween party,
We were teasing and had teased them too. Boo!
( Слышен крик петуха. Все участники представления собираются у сцены и поют финальную песню, на мотив песни « Снег кружится»)
Эти яркие краски, эти страшные маски,
Эти шутки и смех, Хэллоуина успех.
О, Хэллоуин, Хэллоуин
В мире ты такой один.
Каждый год тебя встречаем
О, Хэллоуин!
O, Halloween, Halloween
In the world you are only mean,
Every year we meet you, dear,
Эти яркие краски, эти страшные маски,
Эти шутки и смех, Хэддоуина успех.
О, Хэллоуин, Хэллоуин,
В мире ты такой один.
Каждый год тебя встречаем, о, Хэллоуин!
The end.

Death: Наш Хэллоуин к концу подходит,
Рассвет уж скоро на дворе.
С рассветом нечисть вся уходит,
И нет ей места на земле.

Compere: It’s so gay here and there is much light that comes from your smiles and from our lanterns. Look! The night is over, the ghosts and witches are running away. We had a lot of fun. And now we’ll say “Good bye” till the next Halloween.

Children sing a song.

Эти яркие краски, эти страшные маски,
Эти шутки и смех, Хэллоуина успех.
О, Хэллоуин, о, Хэллоуин,
В мире ты такой один.
Каждый год тебя встречаем,
Лучшим праздником считаем
O, Halloween, O, Halloween
In the world you ‘re only mean,
Every year we meet you , dear,
The best holiday for us, far and near.

The End.

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